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Guest Loc8tor


Guest Loca8tor Video Introduction

GuestLoc8tor is being launched in the majestic Garden route see below features

IMS Guest LocatorMobile Payments made easier via Geo tagging and disruptive technologies.

Allow your clients to book and pay direct via smart phone.

Issue vouchers, coupons, special promotion based on live inventory, whether tour, seat, event,rental or bed night.

Direct traffic to your hotel for accommodation, dinner, events, retail, travel & tours

Never lose a customer at reception again offer the Guest loc8tor App and win the business direct!


Reward yourself with your own Affiliate Program, commissions paid direct to affiliate and create your own travel agent program.

Create your own distribution and database, Guest Loc8tor moves commissions to and from all vendors allowing your Hotel, Tour & Travel Company including Concierge to track and secure commissions direct; to and from any vendor you list.

multilinx-300x300Multi Tenant, Multi Brand, Multi Site with MultiLinx Portal

MultiLinx® Expand by Choice

IMS Multilinx Portal Multi Tenant module is a powerful portal integration feature of our Reservation Software designed for agents, travel resellers, portal or destination sites and destination marketing websites

The Multi Channel Mobile Customer Experience

One Stop Travellers Choice

The Back End is loaded with modules, applications & functional wizards that are suitable for companies requiring a more flexible, feature rich, online reservations & ticketing system. But that’s not all, when you buy ODIN Voyager you will be amazed by it’s outstanding functionality!


  •  Fully integrated modules and features.. designed and written by us!
  • A true “mix and match” software system built on open technologies!
  • Multi-tenant & multi-site capable
  • Settle and Pay Commissions direct to Vendors, Agents and Affiliated partner like Concierge all by your mobile device



  • Tours Booking System
  • Transit Ferry & Bus Systems
  • Ticketing System
  • Accommodation System
  • Campground  RV Systems
  • Rental Reservation System
  • E-Commerce Portal Systems